Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation/Oral Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Conscious Sedation is recommended for frightened children, very young children, and children with special needs. This technique is used to calm your child and to reduce the stress or discomfort associated with dental treatments. Your child may become drowsy and might even fall asleep during the procedure, but they will not become unconscious.

If you decide pediatric oral sedation dentistry is the best form of sedation for your child, we will schedule a morning appointment for the procedure. Your child should come dressed in loose and comfortable clothing. Parents will want to make sure their child will comes to the appointment on an empty stomach as all solids and liquids are not to be consumed after midnight of the previous night.

Before the procedure, your child will be prescribed a few different medications and will be given the sedative in the office. It can take about 30 minutes for the sedative to take effect. Our doctors will be monitoring your child before, during and after the procedure. Kids Rock Dentistry and Orthodontics takes all necessary precautions to make sure your child is safe and comfortable at all times especially when we oversee pediatric oral sedation dentistry. After the procedure is finished, the patient will be held in the office for the doctor to monitor until the sedative has worn off.

With conscious sedation you may find that your child is drowsy after the appointment as this is not uncommon. It is recommended that parents monitor their children closely throughout the day. If you have any concerns do not hesitate to call our office. Normal activities can resume 24 hours after the appointment.

There are a variety of medications that can be used when administering conscious sedation techniques. Our doctors will prescribe the medication best suited for your child’s overall health and dental treatment needs.

Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the specific medications we plan to give to your child. If you would like to discuss this with our office or discuss our sedation methods, call us at (719) 424-4668.

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