Dentistry for Kids – Pediatric Dental Services

At Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry in Colorado Springs, we have your child’s best interest at heart. We offer a relaxing and comfortable environment, while providing gentle dental care. When you come for an appointment, you can expect a compassionate approach and you will find we have a comprehensive selection of pediatric dental services. Our highly experienced pediatric dental services team will identify the best care plan for your child based on each person’s individual needs. We even have a specialized treatment program for patients with special needs.


We understand the importance of healthcare dentistry for kids. That is why we offer the following selection of pediatric dental services to our patients:


Dental health care is vital to the overall health of your child, which is why we offer preventative services for pediatric dental care. We teach the basics of teeth cleaning and how to develop healthy habits. We may suggest using a fluoride treatment or fluoride toothpaste, which will help prevent cavities. Sometimes we might even suggest a sealant for your child’s teeth. For the parents with budding athletes, we also offer athletic mouth guard fittings.

Our services are specialized for kids’ dentistry. When we have to treat a cavity, we determine the best form of action to take whether it’s adding fillings, adding a crown, performing a pulpotomy, or even extractions. Our team will ensure we find the best solution to each patient’s needs.

Here at Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry we understand the importance of being able to work with patients with special needs. We strive to be the best option in Colorado Springs for your child. Our doctors and staff are trained to work with patients with all needs. We know that patience is key. Contact our office at (719) 424-4668 for more information.