Athletic Mouth Guards for Children

The National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries reports that if an athlete is not wearing a mouth guard, damage to the teeth is 60 TIMES more likely. But a mouth guard isn’t just for protecting your teeth. Mouth guards can also help prevent lacerations, fractures, and dislocations. At Kids Rock Pediatric Dentistry we can create the perfect athletic mouth guards for your children.


Self-fit (boil-and-bite) mouth guards – are made from materials that are resilient under normal conditions, but become pliable when heated. The mouth guard is placed in hot water until it softens, and then the athlete bites into it so it will take the shape of his/her mouth and fit closely over the teeth and gums.

Custom mouth guards – are made by dentists and dental lbas. The process involves making a custom mold of an athlete’s teeth from which a dental lab creates a custom mouth guard with a tight and comfortable fit.

Insta-Fit mouth guards – require no boiling or fitting. They are designed for specific use such as for use with braces. The material used allows the mouth guard to instantly form to your teeth or braces and provide perfect fit and maximum protection without restricting tooth movement.




The ideal mouth guard is durable, resilient, and comfortable. It should fit properly and not affect breathing or speaking. Make sure your mouth guard has design and protective features aligned with your sport. Most athletic mouth guards for children are designed to wear on the upper teeth, but helmeted sports that include a face mask can also use a mouth guard designed to protect the lower teeth.
Your mouth guard is an important part of your playbook. An ill-fitting mouth guard will be a distraction at best, but at worst it might not provide the level of protection you need.
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